About Us

Living on Florida’s Gulf Coast for over twenty years has blessed us with many opportunities to see the ocean and the marine life. We wanted to share that with the world and brighten your day. You can have an sea themed area in your house or office to remind you of the beauty of the ocean and the varied ocean life. We looked for practical items that were affordable and lasted. The retail stores carried cardboard or pressed wood items that usually had no shape and just painted words. We wanted you to have more selection. We are constantly adding new fish and other nautical items to our collection. All of our products are real wood that has been treated to last for years to come. Our products do well indoors or out. They make the perfect addition to the man cave and nautical themes as well as gifts. Our product lines allow you to create your own scene anywhere you like. Please take a look around and we hope you find something that inspires you as much as us.


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